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The Best of 2019 Goody Bag

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Original Price €220,00
Current Price €139,00

The Best of 2019 Goody Bag is worth more than €220 and contains 11 products, including four full sizes. The products are a selection of the bestsellers on FLOUFFY for the calendar year. These bags will be gone quickly. We ship worldwide. 

What's Inside

1. FLOUFFY FEEL Fleece Dog Blanket 

This super-soft to touch blanket is ideal for keeping your dog cozy and warm while also protecting your sofa, car seat or even bed from dog hair. 

2. Handmade Bunny Dog Toy 

Stylish and handmade cotton crochet bunny toy with bells inside for your dog to enjoy. 

3. Lila Loves It Pillow Calming Spray - Full Size

The essential oils in this wellness spray are 100% natural, relaxing your dog in stressful situations such as a car ride, visit at the vet, or any other strain.

4. Loyal Canine First-Aid Healing Ointment - Full Size 

 This essential for your dog's first aid kit is great for minor cuts, sores, burns, skin irritations, and rashes. It also may be used for chronic psoriasis and eczema. 

5. BONDI WASH Dog Conditioner - Full Size

All-natural dog conditioner to help soften and detangle your dog's fur after washing. 

6. BONDI WASH Dog Dry Shampoo - Full Size

All-natural dry shampoo for dogs - a simple and convenient way to refresh your furry friend in between wet washes.

7. FLOUFFY FEEL Dog Sunglasses

 These John Lennon inspired shades are a cool retro accessory for your dog.  

8. See Scout Sleep Chef L'Bark Leash 

This leash is light yet strong, functional yet beautiful, and specially designed for the world’s extraordinary pooches and their humans. Durable and made for years to come & super easy to wash.

9. FLOUFFY FEEL Dog Backpack 

Long walkies require a lot of snackies and poop bags. This navy blue and white striped backpack has space for all of it. What's even better is the fact that it is mounted on a harness that comes included with a leash. 

10. FLOUFFY FEEL Travel Water Bottle 

Leak-proof modern water bottle to keep your dog hydrated whenever you're on-the-go. 

11. Aston's Cookies All-Natural Dog Treats - Full Size

All-natural and healthy peanut flavor dog cookies. Handmade with love in France.