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Four and Sons 06 Autumn Winter 2016


In this issue, you will learn about anthropomorphism, dog-headed succulents, and four-legged shop assistants. You will meet a handsome bull terrier celeb hailing from New York City (did you guess already…?) and chat to creatives about gentle giants, doting dachshunds, and a wolf with friendly eyes. You will laugh out loud thanks to Ken Kagami’s brilliant and nonsensical mash-ups of Snoopy and Charlie Brown, admire Michael Gillette’s new breeds that meld pups and pop culture, and fall hard for Julia Christe’s dogs in mid-air.

Wonder which type of dog owner you are, ponder the poignancy of living in the doghouse and meet a mongrel fascinated by his own poop. Read about northern Italy’s truffle-hunting hounds and then travel to Amsterdam—a city whose progressive attitude extends to dogs. Marvel at the beauty of torn balls thanks to Delphine Crepin and discover what lies in the shadows courtesy of Thomas Roma.

All this, and more, inside the covers.

Featuring: Maija Astikainen, Ruth Barry, Libby Borton, Eleonor Boström, Calliope, Julia Christe, Delphine Crepin, Howlpot, Amy Gerstler, Michael Gillette, Neville Jacobs, Ken Kagami, Petalon, Thomas Roma, Jon Ronson and Sun of Wolves. 


Four and Sons magazine is set out to explore our relationship with dogs, not only as loyal friends and comrades at our heels but also as creative muses—to champion the joy and offbeat energy that comes from being around and inspired by dogs.