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Size Guide

Choosing the right size of collars and clothing for your dog can be very tricky but we are here to make it easier for you.  

Know your dog's basic measures

The best way to find the right size for your dog is to measure around their neck, chest and the length of their body. 

Have the dog stand for the measurement.

No measuring tape? No worries! Just use a piece of string, then measure the length with a ruler.


Choosing the right size 

It is impossible to have one standard size for all dog brands out there so make sure you check the sizing for every product you're interested in buying. 

Look for the  icon next to every product that requires you to select size and follow the size guidelines. 

Always choose the next size up if the measurement is near or over the maximum range in the smaller size. Also choose the next size up if your dog has a thick coat, broader chest or wider underside.


Need more help? Talk to our sizing experts!

If you need further help choosing your dog’s perfect size, please drop us an email at We would love to help!