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CBD for Dogs: Everything You Wanted To Know

With the growing popularity in CBD as a natural way to promote health of our dogs, it is expected that there have been many questions asked about CBD oil for dogs.

CBD oil for dogs - organic tinctures

FAQs about CBD oil for dogs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – FLOUFFY


What is Hemp CBD?

FLOUFFY: CBD (or cannabidiol) is the medicinal herb extracted from the cannabis plant. While the cannabis plant is most commonly associated with marijuana, hemp is its safer cousin. Unlike marijuana, hemp is not psychoactive, which means it can’t make you (or your dog) high.

CBD oil has all the therapeutic properties of cannabis without the mind-altering characteristics of THC. There are no toxins related to CBD oil from hemp, and there’s no risk of overdosing.

How can CBD help my dog?

CBD can boost your dog’s overall health & wellbeing. Lower doses can help with all kinds of anxiety (especially popular for separation anxiety or stressful situations such as vet visits, car rides or travel in general) and for boosting the immune system, whereas higher doses can be used to suppress medical troubles like arthritis, epilepsy, muscle contractions and severe anxiety or aggression. CBD can also increase the dog’s appetite and time of recovery after a surgery or an illness. It is especially effective for soothing pain in older dogs.

Is CBD safe for my dog?

CBD products are completely safe for animals, but we need to be aware of the fact that they may not suit all dogs. There is a lot of ongoing research testing the behavior of small animals before, during, and after using CBD products. Dogs can be sleepy or dizzy after using CBD products, but will never experience psychoactive effects or get “high.”

How can I determine the right dosage?

Dosage recommendations based on your dog's weight are written on every bottle. We recommend that you start with a smaller dosage and then slowly move towards the recommended dosage. You can increase the dosage every 4 to 5 days until you notice therapeutic effects.

Please note: he right dosage has to be determined for each dog individually and sometimes that takes time. 

Is FOUFFY CBD oil lab tested?

Our CBD oil is produced and vigorouslly tested in Europe. At the end of every production, bottles of finished FLOUFFY FEEL Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil are tested and certified by an industry-leading testing lab. We’re committed to full transparency so lab results can be accessed and downloaded here:

Will CBD get my dog high?

No. Our product is made from hemp-derived extract, which contains 0.00% of the THC compound, that can make people and animals “high”.

Are there any known side effects of CBD?

CBD products can be ineffective or cause unwanted side effects if the dosage is too low or too high. If we give our dog too little CBD oil, they might not experience the soothing effects of it, and if we give them too much their organism can’t process it very well and it can even lower the effect of the CBD or even cause the opposite - make your dog hyperactive (very rare, but it happens). If you see any of side effects, first lower the dosage and stop using CBD completely if the side effects don’t subside. Please always consult with your vet.

Can I give CBD to my dog if he/she is already taking medications?

In general, CBD is more like a food supplement instead of a medicine so in most cases it can be combined with pharmaceutical medications to help with the overall health boost. However, every dog is unique and the same goes for medical conditions. Please, if your dog has any medical conditions, always consult with your vet before you decide to use CBD in any form.

Is CBD supported by vets?

Because of the many therapeutic effects of CBD and the fact that it is completely natural, more and more vets recommend it either as a supplement to increase dog’s overall wellbeing or as a replacement for suppressing illness, relieving pain, and relaxing in stressful situations. The first ones to start recommending CBD were holistic vets and the trend is now going mainstream.

What is FLOUFFY Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil?

It’s a CBD-infused oil packed with powerful active ingredients that support a dog’s health system and are safe, gentle and effective. Potently formulated with the highest-quality organic oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil helps reduce dog anxiety, promotes good heart health, can reduce seizures in epileptic dogs, helps relieve pain and inflammation and brings many others benefits to your dog. And yes, it’s 100% organic and lab tested.

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