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Martingale Dog Collar – Chef l’Bark Cream & Black

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These timelessly designed babies guarantee that every pooch stands out in the crowd. Gorgeous martingales are specially created for the real Harry Houdini’s out there. Martingale collar makes it hard for a dog to slip free as martingale tightens slightly when the dog pulls on the leash, but not so much where it will choke the dog or harm the neck in any way. This dog collar allows to give slight corrections, but it is much gentler than a choke, slip, or prong collar.

Material: 100% hemp webbing, high-quality solid brass hardware, and brand signature ribbons.

Hemp webbing: is non-allergenic, breathable, durable, and has anti-bacterial properties. It’s super strong, feels soft and comfortable on the skin holds its shape and does not stretch as other natural fibers do. It’s easy to clean, dries quickly, and is naturally resistant to mold.

Reinforced stitches at all stress points for added strength

Perfect for dogs that need a little more control than a regular designed collar, or for those that can slip out off their collars easier than others, depending on their fur texture or shape of their neck compared to their head. We also recommend our martingale for dogs that love to swim a lot, and for high-energy and sensitive dogs who react positively to the tightening motion when pulling, and loosening/relaxed motion/ fit when not pulling.

Care: Machine wash. Wash in the delicate/hand wash cycle. Air dry. We advise using a washing bag to protect the hardware during washing in the machine.

Warranty: 1 year