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A perfect fit for your Teacup Pug

Now that we have a better idea of what you're looking for, we prepared a personalized list of products for you and your dog. 

Here are a few notes before you scroll down to see our recommendations.  

1. CLOTHING - Since your baby girl has a bulky chest, it's even more important to carefully select styles that are designed for such shape. We selected items that will keep her warm, dry and stylish at the same time. 

Recommended size for you: for Max-Bone items we suggest size S, for MONCHOUCHOU we suggest S/M and for the oversized hoodie your dog seems like size M. 

2. WALKING ACCESSORIES - Below is a list of those that will fit your active lifestyle and align with your style preferences. 

Recommended size: for Max-Bone harnesses and collars go with the size S. See Scout Sleep has very durable products that might be a great fit for you - for that brand, we suggest you go with size S too. The same goes for velvet collars by NICE DIGS - your dog seems like a size XS. 

3. SLEEP - We recommend our bestselling donut bed in light grey with extra fluff to make dogs really comfortable. There is also a soft matching blanket that is designed to be smaller in size so you can bring it anywhere with you. 

4. TOYS - This category is hard for us to suggest because every dog has its own preferences when it comes to toys. Below is our recommendation based on your style choices from the quiz. 

5. TRAVEL ESSENTIALS - A super practical water bottle for whenever you're on the go is a must (if you don't have one yet!) and a car seat with double-sided cushions to keep your dog safe during car rides. 

6. GROOMING & HYGIENE - Let's start with the basics: all-natural dog shampoo & conditioner made of Australian herbs. Both are very popular with dog breeds that have short and thick fur like your dog. As you know best, pugs can have problems with dry noses so we recommend a natural balm to prevent that - it comes in a travel size too so you can have it with you all the time. 

We also recommend an all-natural dry shampoo to refresh your dog's fur in-between washes (pugs' fur can develop a specific smell!), a kennel spray to make sure her bed stays fresh and disinfected all the time (prevent the staining) and a natural balm for paw protection - especially important in winter! 

If you already brush your pug's teeth or if you plan to (which we absolutely recommend), you will also find a curated list of natural toothpaste and dental micro-fleece which you put on your finger and gently brush the teeth. 

The last but not least: wet wipes! One option is specifically to be used for washing your dog's face and the area around the eyes, whereas other wipes are more for general use and can come handy during/after walks, in the car or just whenever your little furry baby gets dirty or needs refreshment. 

Thanks again for taking our quiz. We're here for you if you have any questions!

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    Emil dog harness
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    Emil dog harness


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