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Lila Loves It Pillow Spray Calming


100% natural calming pillow spray to relax your dog.

Size: 50 ml

PILLOW SPRAY CALMING soothes your dog with a pleasant fragrance, designed for your dog’s happy well-being. The essential oils in the spray are 100% natural, relaxing your dog in stressful situations such as a car ride, visit at the vet, or any other strain. After using the spray, your dog’s demeanor will be calm and easy. The lovely fragrance of Lavender from Provence delights both the dog and the owner. 
  • 100% natural pillow spray
  • Calms dog
  • Lavender scent
  • Vegan


LILA LOVES IT is a company that believes in the power of nature. All of their products are developed and produced in Germany, they use only the highest quality ingredients which pose no harm to dogs, people or the environment. This passionate team of dog lovers, pharmacists and veterinarians pays careful attention to the quality and origin of the ingredients and is fully committed to transparency of dog grooming products.