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Lila Loves It dog wash wet gloves


Hygienic glove shaped wet wipes for quick and easy dog cleaning & care.

Package: 10 wipes

Wet disposable wash gloves for cleaning and care – without water, soap, and towels. Ideal for using at home or en route. Dermatologically tested and enriched with nourishing Aloe Vera. Gloves are packed hygienically and resealable. They fit every jacket’s pocket and help in any case where quick cleaning is needed. 
  • glove dog wipes
  • quick cleaning
  • aloe vera


LILA LOVES IT is a company that believes in the power of nature. All of their products are developed and produced in Germany, they use only the highest quality ingredients which pose no harm to dogs, people or the environment. This passionate team of dog lovers, pharmacists and veterinarians pays careful attention to the quality and origin of the ingredients and is fully committed to transparency of dog grooming products.