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Lila Loves It first aid ointment


First aid regenerative ointment with natural and active ingredients. Made for healing scratches, scars, eczemas, mosquito bites, and allergies.

Size: 50 ml

FIRST AID OINTMENT is a universal use ointment containing a whole armada of active ingredients designed to fight for furry friend's healthy skin. Scratches, scars, eczemas, mosquito bites, allergies are the main indication. It supports the process of regeneration quickly and effectively, with the formula developed by pharmacists and veterinarians. This product meets the same requirements that are placed on medical drugs for humans in terms of quality, ease of use and compatibility. The specially selected and formulated natural ingredients combined with innovative medical compounds are what makes the FIRST-AID OINTMENT that effective. 
  • Natural ingredients combined with medical compounds
  • Heals scratches, scars, eczemas, mosquito bites, and allergies
  • High-quality product


LILA LOVES IT is a company that believes in the power of nature. All of their products are developed and produced in Germany, they use only the highest quality ingredients which pose no harm to dogs, people or the environment. This passionate team of dog lovers, pharmacists and veterinarians pays careful attention to the quality and origin of the ingredients and is fully committed to transparency of dog grooming products.