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FLOUFFY Pop-Up Shop & Dog Massage Experience

FLOUFFY Pop-Up Shop & Dog Massage Experience

To officially celebrate our launch, we hosted our first pop-up and turned DECOR&DESIGN, an interior design showroom, into a FLOUFFY dog world for a day. The event took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on October 27th. 

With a lot of thought and planning, we hosted our first pop-up for dog lovers that turned into a glamorous event where guests were able to shop products in real life as well as learn how to massage their dogs to relax them. 

Dog Massage Workshop 

We were joined by an amazing guest Anja Zakelj, a dog massage specialist. The Dog Massage Workshop was 50 minutes of bonding fun, designed for dog lovers who want to learn how to massage their dogs. Anja's passion for dog massage started when her dog Tisa experienced issues with fatty lumps and morphed into a love for empowering others to achieve the greatest health of their dogs. Anja believes dog massage should be fun as much as it is effective, and her hope is to spread this joy for therapy to all.

Anja showing the basics of dog massage to our guests 

Cher and his dog mom Taja 

Our founders Nasti and Filip with their dog Gino (@flouffygino)

Kami with his dog mom Katarina

Maja with her Boy and Julia with her Hugo 


Julia with her two furry friends 

Our special guest Anja and her dog Tisa; Aleksandra with her Zoro and Hugo 


Host: DECOR & DESIGN Slovenia

Photography: Taja Kosir Popovic 


There are more events coming soon! You can always check our Events Calendar or sign up for the FLOUFFY Newsletter to stay tuned. 


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