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Mon Carseat: The Best Dog Car Seat Ever

Mon Carseat: The Best Dog Car Seat Ever

From attention to detail to playful design, luxury pet brand Monchouchou has attained cult status thanks to its focus on craftsmanship and innovation. 


Mon Carseat is the brainchild of designers behind the Korean brand MonChouChou which in French means "My Darling". Vibrant colours, simplistic design, and carefully sourced fabrics are cornerstones of the label, along with precise tailoring and playful elements. Their aim when creating Mon Carseat was to create a car seat that is comfortable, secure and safe for dogs as well as aesthetically pleasing for people to actually want to have it in their car. 

Keeping our dogs secure in their seat is extremely important. We can't ignore the fact that our dogs are distracting while we drive and their distractions can be dangerous. 

“Dogs are like children,” says David Lang, owner of the New York City–based pet-transportation company Pet Chauffeur. And just as you wouldn’t put your child in the car without the proper safety gear, you shouldn’t put your dog in the car without it either, he says. 

MonChouChou expertise has resulted in a collection of innovative dog car seats, designed for keeping your dog comfortable, secure, and, of course, safe during drives.



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