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Milow and me; how Roya found her little ray of sunshine

Milow and me; how Roya found her little ray of sunshine

Dogs & Humans is a series of stories about people and dogs sharing their lives together. Everything from how they met and how they spend their days, to tips & tricks they learned along the way. One thing is guaranteed: fluffiness overdose.

Meet Roya, a fashion blogger from Kassel, a city located on the scenic Fulda River in northern Hesse, Germany. We absolutely love her chic blog where you can find all sorts of fashion tips & outfit inspiration. But Roya isn’t the only star of the blog. From time to time we can also spot a tiny Havanese pup called Millow.

Roya and Millow have become inseparable 3 years ago when she fell in love with him even though she wasn’t planning on adopting a puppy. Now that’s a love story worth telling!

How did you and Milow meet?

Roya: To be honest, I didn't even plan to adopt a dog. However, in 2017, one of my friends got a Havanese puppy, and I fell in love with the breed. So, out of curiosity, I started browsing online and found a breeder close by.

They only had two puppies left, and I only made an appointment to "have a look." I instantly fell in love with the pictures of this tiny Havanese puppy called, "Picolo" (because he was so small.)

When the owner told me there is a mistake on the website, and there was only one puppy left - my heart stopped. I prayed that the remaining puppy was the tiny, adorable "Picolo." As it happens - it was! As I was driving home, I thought, "this is destiny," and then I heard the song... It was by a singer called Milow :D The rest was history!

Where do you live, and how dog-friendly is Germany?

Roya: Milow and I are living in Kassel; it's in the middle of Germany. We have lots of greenery here, and it is very dog-friendly. I can easily take him with me no matter where I go, even if it's to a restaurant or a shop. Dogs seem to be very popular and lovable in Germany, so it's easy to take him with me.

What does your typical day look like? Do you spend lots of time with Milow?

Roya: I usually do work in my home office, so it's very easy to spend lots of time with Milow. I also have a garden, and he can run around as much as he wants once I open the door. He's very attached to me and always wants to be by my side. When I take pictures at home, he wants to be the center of attention, so he photobombs my pictures a lot:D.

He's gotten used to spending time alone, so now, when I have photoshoots outside, I'm able to leave him by himself. Taking him with me is no problem either because he's very well-behaved. Both my parents and friends love being around him, so when I'm able to leave him with them when I have appointments elsewhere.

How do you come up with new ideas for your content?

Roya: I have to admit that it's getting harder to create unique content year after year because there are so many other people out there coming up with new things every single day. My creativity comes in waves. When I'm in the creative flow, ideas come to mind effortlessly, but there are also times where I don't feel creative at all. I try to find inspiration in my environment - my friends, what bothers them, and so on. I also get a lot of inspiration when I browse through Pinterest. I love to create mood boards out of things that I find visually appealing and grab my attention. I really recommend using Pinterest as a source of inspiration.

When it comes to outfits, I love choosing one "center" piece and creating the look around it. I start by taking a look in my closet and putting different combinations together. I don't plan anything; I just act on impulse.


How did your life change when you became a dog mom?

Roya: Everything changed when I became a dog mom! Before Milow moved in, I was going through a hard time. I experienced panic attacks and suffered physically and mentally. I was so busy sorting that out that I lost my vitality. Milow literally saved my life. When this tiny ball of fluff moved in, there was no time to just focus on my problems anymore. I had to take care of HIM and tried to give him the best and most comfortable dog-home I could. This is why we have a very strong connection, and he hardly ever leaves my side. His presence helped me find balance again and experience unconditional love, happiness, and joy. He really brightened up everything.

What's your favorite thing to do together?

Roya: I love to play hide-and-seek with him and take long walks in the forest. This is my favorite place where he can run free, and I can take time to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. 

What's the best part of having Milow in your life?

Roya: Milow brings so much joy to my life. Sometimes he's a little bit clumsy confused, and it lights up my day. For example, when I pretend to throw his toy, he starts looking for it everywhere. In the meantime, I lay it on the floor. He's so cute; he really needs his time to realize that his toy is lying right in front of him. And when he finally finds it, he jumps on the sofa like a king and wants me to chase him. I adore these play-times with him. He is the best thing that ever happened to me.

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Photo credit: Roya Dresing and Juliane Dingel

You can follow Roya & Millow’s journey on Instagram @royadee & @havi_milow

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