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How to find clothes and products that fit YOUR dog

How to find clothes and products that fit YOUR dog

Shopping online can be frustrating - especially if you're shopping for your dog. 

There are so many choices and so many dog brands - each one with slight differences in sizing, models, and quality.

The truth is nobody likes going through the fuss of returning the product they set their eyes on. It's hard enough to find quality dog clothes, toys, and accessories, to begin with!

After creating the FLOUFFY online store, one thing became clear - people needed something better than a simple sizing guide to find the perfect fit for their dog babies. After all, we all have different breeds, lifestyles, and budgets. So we went back to the drawing board and came up with an innovative solution. 

Get a Personalized Shopping List for Your Dog 

Thanks to technology, we were able to create the first intuitive recommendation tool for dog apparel & accessories. After completing our 30-second styling quiz you’ll get a personalized shopping guide for your pooch. It's quick, easy, and fun.

This curated list will help you make better-informed choices and stop worrying about what products you should get for your dog. Our team will double-check all the sizing, recommend products that best suit your lifestyle AND give you some personalized tips!

Forget endless scrolling through products and get only the ones that are the right fit for YOUR dog. 

online product recommendation tool for dogs

However, there are a few things you should take into consideration to save yourself the trouble of returning the products you ordered.

How to Avoid Products That Don't Fit 

1.) Understand your dog's constitution

Just like people, dogs come in all shapes and sizes (and we're all equally beautiful). Some pooches might be thin and lean, others, bulky. Dog's breed, unique shape, and gender all play an important part in finding what suits your pooch the best. 


One of the questions that help us better understand your dog's needs.   

2.) Get your dog’s measurements right 

The only way to find the right size for your dog is to take measurements in the right places. Measure the girth of their neck, chest, and the length of their body. Make your dog stand while taking the measurements, so you get the numbers as precise as possible.

We've measured and properly categorized each clothing piece in our collection. Once you provide us with correct measures, we'll eliminate the clothes that don't fit, leaving only the ones that do. 

Talk about magic! 


We want you to get this thing right, so we've also prepared a video, starring our very own creative director Gino (@flouffygino)! 

3.) Take your lifestyle into consideration

There are different types of dog parents in this world. Some like to stay indoors and cuddle, some love the city life, and some want to be active in nature.

Not all clothes are suited for all activities.

Just like you wouldn't wear a pajama while having lunch downtown (or would you?), so wouldn't your dog. Your dog needs more freedom and mobility when outside versus when he's relaxing with you at home. 

Also, closely observe your puppy’s behavior before making a purchase. We might go crazy over squeaky toys in the shape of champagne bottles, but some pups walk right past them. The same goes for other accessories.

4.) Your fashion sense & budget

Yes, dogs have different styles, too - just like their pawrents. A pink hoodie might look great on one pooch and look terrible on another. Also, clothes and accessories need to be both practical and comfortable.

Because we help style a lot of dogs, we know some breed specifics that an average shopper might not.

That's why we devote some extra attention to understanding the fashion sense and lifestyle of both you and your dog. To make things a little bit easier we created actual styling examples, which you can rate from 1-5 based on what you like the most or the least. 

dog lifestyle guide

Are you and your dog chic urban souls or sports enthusiasts?  


The price of dog apparel and toys can vary a lot as well.

We all have different spending habits and you need to first get clear on how much are you willing to spend on your puppy. Are you willing to invest more money into quality products that last longer? Do you want a collection of less expensive clothes that you can mix and match as you please?  Or are you buying something smaller first, so you can test if your dog even likes it? 

Once we know your budget range so we can adjust the product recommendations accordingly.

Find a Perfect Fit for Your Dog 

After completing our quiz, it's time for some shopping. After receiving your answers, we'll send personalized shopping recommendations straight to your inbox. How cool is that? Use it as a guide to navigate easily through our site and find products that will both suit and delight your dog.

dog personalized tool

Need more help? Don't be shy and talk to our sizing experts!

If you need further help choosing your dog's perfect size, please drop us an email at We would love to help!



What's your experience with buying dog products online? Do you have any tips & tricks to share? Let us know in the comments! 


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