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 Is your dog's fur always perfectly fresh, smells like flowers, and you marvel at how clean your dog has stayed after days of not washing? You can stop reading now. We're here to address those of us not quite as blessed. If you're finding your dog's fur getting greasy and tangled in-between washes, you're not alone. Especially if your dog has a longer coat - because let's be honest, that is a neverending battle. But totally worth it.❤️

Here are six tricks for keeping your dog's fur fresh & preventing matting: 

1. Use a conditioner 

When you wash your dog, consider applying a conditioner as well. Conditioning is particularly important if your dog has long fur or fur that easily becomes matted because it makes it easier to brush your dog and keep your dog tangle-free after the bath. 

However, conditioning is recommended for all breeds as it helps with unpleasant odors that your dog may develop before it's time for their next bath. Also, shampooing your dog is already drying since it strips your dog of natural oils and using conditioner will restore that balance and therefore prevent your dog from producing excessive oil on the skin. 

As with shampoos, be careful to avoid ingredients and chemicals that may be harmful. Aim to stick with all-natural ingredients.


Bondi Wash, Dog Conditioner, €19.90

2. Brush regularly 

Brushing helps distribute the natural oils in your dog's fur and skin, keeping their coat healthy and looking its best. No matter what type of breed your dog is (unless you own one of the few hairless breeds!), regular brushing brings many benefits. For long-coated dogs, it keeps the coat smooth and mat-free. And for all dogs, it removes excess hair from their coat and cuts down significantly on the amount of hair you have to deal with on your furniture, car, and your favourite clothes. 

Dog Steel Comb

FLOUFFY FEEL Stainless Steel Comb, €6.90

3. Remove tangles before they spread 

If your dog has a mat, apply a spray-on conditioner only to the matted hair to avoid exacerbating your dog's oily skin condition and comb through. Using a product especially dedicated to helping you with detangling your dog's fur (Lila Loves It Anti-Tangling Spray) will make the whole thing much less painful for both of you. 

It's really important to detangle when mats are still small, otherwise, they can get so big that you might have to cut them out. 

Lila Loves It spray for detangling dog hair

Lila Loves It, Anti-Detangling Spray, €18.50

4. Facial cleansing is a must 

Daily facial care is the key to keeping their adorable face clean and fresh between baths. If you have a short-coated dog then usually it's enough to wipe your dog's face clean with a warm washcloth to remove built-up debris and dirt. 

This is even more important for dog breeds prone to tear staining. Tear stains not only look bad, but they can smell, too! Therefore, cleaning your dog's face regularly is crucial. There are many DIY remedies you can try, such as adding a teaspoon of distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water daily to increase the acidity of your dog’s body pH. For those of you who are looking for a quick and effective solution, we recommend Max-Bone Facial & Tear Stain Wipes with a mild, fragrance-free formulation. 

Max-Bone Facial & Tear Stain Wipes

Max-Bone Facial & Tear Stain Wipes, €23

5. Try a dry dog shampoo 

When you want to quickly reduce excessive oil & freshen the fur, this is the perfect solution for you: Bondi Wash Dry Dog Shampoo. Its gentle, all-natural formulation is specially designed for a dog's sensitive skin and system to repel insects, remove germs and dirt while calming and relaxing both you and your pooch. It also contains Australian banksia seed oil for a luxurious glossy coat (in case you were worried about the matt look). Dry shampoo for dogs is the new miracle fix between regular bathing.

Bondi Wash Dry Dog Shampoo

Bondi Wash, Dog Dry Wash, €13

6. Treat your dog 

Yes, this requires washing, but in the long term, a high-quality natural shampoo makes a big difference. Since dogs groom by licking themselves it is even more important to be mindful of what goes onto their skin and fur.

Try Bondi Wash All-Natural Dog Shampoo packed with wonderful Australian botanicals - it is combined with zesty lemongrass and other essential oils and is perfect for leaving our four-legged friends smelling beautiful and feeling clean and soft for a longer time.

Bondi Wash, Dog Wash, €26






If your dog's skin seems excessively oily, or the odor is worse than it should be from a dirty dog, contact your vet; your dog could have an underlying health condition that needs to be treated.


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