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Italian influencer Melissa Marello talks about becoming a dog mom

Italian influencer Melissa Marello talks about becoming a dog mom

Dogs & Humans is a series of stories about people and dogs sharing their lives together. Everything from how they met and how they spend their days, to tips & tricks they learned along the way. One thing is guaranteed: fluffiness overdose.

Sometimes your childhood dreams come true later in life when you’re all grown up and realize you still want to do it. This was the case for Melissa Marello, a Milan based travel & fashion blogger who has recently become a proud dog mom to the cutest white Pomeranian called Musetto. 

So Melissa, when did you decide to get a dog?

Melissa: I’ve been dreaming about having a puppy since I was a 3-year-old girl, but that wish didn’t come true until quite recently. Since I’ve just got my university degree, my family decided to surprise me with something different this time. So our family of 2 grew to a modern family of 3. Now it’s me, my boyfriend and a Pomeranian pooch called Musetto.

What made the timing feel right?

Melissa: My boyfriend Edoardo and I just made a big decision to move in together, which makes me feel much more independent. Since I’m still attending university and have a lot of free time, I can invest that into taking care of my puppy when he needs it the most. I believe the first years are the most important for bonding and raising him to be a proper pooch gentleman.

How did you guys find your puppy?

Melissa: I’ve always loved pomeranian puppies and have been looking for the right Italian breeder for a long, long time. But all the extensive research was worth it in the end. We had finally found the right one in Sardinia and flew over to get him when he was old enough.

What inspired the name Musetto?

Melissa: We decided it together and spontaneously! Musetto means cute little face in Italian and when we saw our “Musetto” the name was just perfect for him!

Do you have any concerns about raising a dog?

Melissa: My boyfriend and I travel a lot, and we’re both aware that raising a dog is a big responsibility. I was a little bit worried about how we will all make it work if we’re away, but luckily I have a really supportive family. They offered to help me babysit Musseto if I travel for work, and that made me feel much more relieved.

How did you become an influencer?

Melissa: My boyfriend, Edoardo, was the first to jump on the influencer train. He already owned a camera and had the knowledge and the programs for editing pictures and so on. Since we’re quite the world travelers and he’s always taking amazing photos at amazing locations, he started including me a lot. And that’s how it all happened. 

Are your days any different now when you're a dog mom?

Melissa: For me, the most significant change will be adjusting to the fact that now I have a tiny, furry baby that needs my attention, love, and time. It’s not just Edoardo and me anymore, and I need to make some appropriate lifestyle adjustments. Now, I can’t just walk out in the morning whenever I feel like it and or have lunch for a couple of hours with my girlfriends. A puppy is waiting for me at home! I can’t wait for him to be big enough to stroll around the city with me - that will make everything much more comfortable in the future :)!

Will Musetto travel the world with you?

Melissa: Of course, we’ll take him with us if we’re going to places that are near to where we live. But I don’t think I’ll take him on the plane, especially if the flight is super long. I think it will be much better for him in this first period to explore his new surroundings and get to know them properly. Plus, my boyfriend and I often visit places that I don’t feel would be safe for him, and I am too scared to do so. Maybe I’ll change my mind when he’s bigger and older. 

Is there anything you wish someone had told you before you got a puppy?

Melissa: Not yet, and I hope that doesn’t change soon! :) So far, we’re having a great time together, and I am completely in love with everything he does. I think my boyfriend is a little jealous of that sometimes, haha. 

Photo credit: Melissa Morello

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